New Products

Raymarine e-Series with HybridTouch

Harness the full power of Raymarine navigation technologies
with e-Series network multifunction displays.
Each e-Series display features HybridTouch,
delivering the simplicity of touch screen control
and the confidence of full keypad control when seas are rough.

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Go Wireless

- Transform your smartphone or tablet into a wireless Raymarine viewer!
- Works with Apple iOS and Android tablets and Smartphones.
- View charts, sonar, radar, and thermal night vision from anywhere onboard
- Connecting is easy! Just download the free Raymarine Viewer to get started

Watch the video and see all of the impressive capabilities e-Series has to offer!


Simrad NSS and Simrad NSE combine with revolutionary Broadband Radar technology for the ultimate navigation system.

Utilising FMCW technology and advanced digital signal processing,
Broadband Radar offer benefits that no other can match.
Features include unrivalled short-range target discrimination,
which provides crystal clear images and solid-state technology,
which eliminates main bang.

- Crystal clear image
- Instant On
- Low power consumption
- Extremely low emissions
- Great close range performance

Watch the video and see all of the impressive capabilities of the 4G radar


Bluesky Energy introduce the new 60cell solar power booster.

Patented Maximum Power Point Tracking technology allows
Solar Boost 2512i-HV and 2512iX-HV to increase charge current
up to 30% or more compared to conventional charge controllers.
The new higher input voltage capability of the HV version product
now allows the use of higher voltage lower cost 60 cell PV modules
to charge a 12 volt battery.

- Increase charge current with 30%
- Inbuilded three state charger
- Networking monitor capability
- auxiliary battery charger

You don't have more space for solar panels
Install a Bluesky MPPT charger and boost up your power

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Victron Energy 4 stage programable battery chargers.
(bulk - absorption - float - storage)

The Phoenix chargers/inverters features a microprocessor controlled adaptive
battery management system that can be preset to suit different types
of batteries. Programmable by computer, Control panel or dipswithes.
4th stage of charging to reduce gassing when not ussing the batteries.

- Charge curve fully programmable
- Presets for default charge curves
- Networking monitoring capability
- NMEA2000 interface available
- Chargers available in wide range
- Inverter/Charger has unique power assist feature

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